So.. Who is 2elev8?

“Our strengths lie on the passion, talent and experience of the people in our team”

We are a web design and development company based in Manila, Philippines. We love creating beautiful and usable websites and we are very passionate at what we do. Call us geeks if you may, but the truth is, we feel a sense of satisfaction every time we make sites that looks good, effective and functional. For us, each new project is a new challenge and a new adventure.

  • We love making beautiful and effective websites
  • We have more than ten years of combined experience in design
  • We provide a personal service with a professional approach
  • We specialize in innovative concepts in web and graphics design
Meet our team

Solutions Engineer / Developer / Surfer

He surfs as often as he can, but he always brings his laptop with him. A true testament to the saying that work and play can come together. He orchestrates and implement schedules and tasks. A true developer, he still writes code whenever he can.

UI Architect / Photographer / Ninja

The comic in the team. He gave his Nunchucks and Shurikens for safekeeping so he can hold on to his camera. An artist in the truest sense, his passion are photography and design. He is well versed in different types of media such as print, mobile and the web.

Business Dev’t / Sake Connoisseur

While the rest of the team love coffee, Mon loves Sake. He loves to drink a glass or two while thinking of business strategies. Mon has been in Sales for quite some time, working for major Telecom Companies before finding his real home with us.

gaming mouse

Mobile Developer / Gamer

The youngest member of our core team. Considered to be the Master of Ragnarok, Cabal and Dragon’s Nest games. Online games are his hobbies but his true passion is development. He love to work on complex and challenging projects.

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