There are a thousand reasons or even millions so it won’t fit in this blog post,  we just listed some…

Your website is open 24/7, globally.
They say the Internet never sleeps, and so should your business. A website allows your business to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get potential clients both locally and globally. Millions of people over the world are online at any time of the day. Most of them are looking to source products or services. If you run a conventional brick and mortar business, you can only attract the people who walk or drive past your shop, in any one day. Having a website allows you to attract new customers that would otherwise never find you.

 Websites increase customer confidence
A professional, well designed website, with the right content, easy navigation and quickly accessible contact details, greatly increases customer confidence in your company. A well designed website shows people that you are forward thinking and customer focused, much in the way a well designed business card did in the past, which is an important factor in any buying decision that they have to make.

Websites provides an additional communication channel for your clients
Your website can be an additional channel for you to reach out to your clients and them to reach out to you. You can promote new products, share customer feedbacks, share company announcements using your site.  Social media integration, chats, email forms are some features that allows you to communicate with your clients.

Websites increase customer referrals
A website address is much easier to remember than a telephone number or an address, so it stands to reason that having a website increases the likelihood of referrals – and let’s face it, referrals are one of the most important sources of new business.

A website address increases the ROI when advertising
Including your website address on all of your adverts, business cards, letterheads, invoices, etc allows people to take action straight away, when they view an advert, or hear about your product or service. Visiting your website is so much easier than driving to your store, telephoning or writing a letter to you. When online, a potential customer can take their time and enjoy finding out about your products or services without the pressure of having a salesman floating about in the background.

Websites generate sales
Whether you are selling products online or just simply presenting your products and services, websites are one of the most impressive sales presentations.  Allowing your customers to buy your products or services online is a wonderful and inexpensive way to expand your business. Spending thousands on advertising, for an ad that is featured in one magazine, for one month simply doesn’t compare to investing in a long term sales marketing solution – or a good website. A website acts as an impressive first contact, convincing the potential customer that they need what you are offering and inviting them to contact you, via telephone, email or contact form on your website.

Websites promote future business
When a potential customer comes into your shop and leaves without making a purchase and without speaking to anyone, they are basically a dead prospect. When someone views your website and doesn’t make a purchase straight away, they can easily revisit anytime to make the purchase in the future. On top of that, you can use your website to collect the email addresses of visitors and send them periodical promotional emails, newsletters or updates on your product or service. So although they may not buy first time around, you have more than one opportunity to close a sale.