Pinterest ( has been making waves on the social media globe for months now. People are using it to collect inspirations, mood boards of different images. Some say its prone to copyright litigation like Tumblr.

Although company’s are starting to use this service to push their products to the social media world. I heard that Japan’s ecommerce site: Rakuten ( has invested $100M so I think there is a future for this company as a future retailer in the coming months or years. Hopefully it won’t go down the drain like what happened with other start ups.

So what can Pinterest do for website content managers/webmasters? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) baby!! If you are managing a website and you are familiar with backlinking, this is a great tool to push your contents. It can drive traffic to your website because when you pin something, it has a clickable link going to your website (if you placed a proper url pointing to your site). It can also serve as a tool for back linking (more on back linking on future posts). Search Engines loves websites that are being linked by other website. Hence, it could produce a better page ranking to your site.

So if you are a brand or company, I would strongly suggest that you start pinning!

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